Jay's Ceilidh Tunes

Here's some of the trad music I've been working on / memorizing.


Zipped PDFs
Name Rhythm @thesession.org Status Format
Set: Cooley's Reel / The Wise Maid / Bird In The Bush abc pdf
  Cooley's Reel reel link Memorized --- ---
The Wise Maid reel link Memorized --- ---
Bird In The Bush reel link Memorized --- ---
Set: The Boys of Bluehill / Harvest Home / Cronin's abc pdf
  The Boys of Bluehill hornpipe link Memorized --- ---
Harvest Home (Cork Hornpipe) hornpipe link Memorized --- ---
Cronin's Hornpipe hornpipe link Memorized --- ---
Set: St. Anne's Reel / The Sally Gardens / Drowsy Maggie abc pdf
  St. Anne's Reel reel link Memorized --- ---
The Sally Gardens reel link Memorized --- ---
Drowsy Maggie reel link Memorized --- ---
Set: Da Fields o' Foula / Garster's Dream / Da Brig abc pdf
  Da Fields o' Foula jig link Memorized --- ---
Garster's Dream jig link Memorized --- ---
Da Brig jig link Memorized --- ---
Set: O'Keefe's / The Road To Lisdoonvarna / Merrily Kissed The Quaker abc pdf
  O'Keefe's slide link Memorized --- ---
The Road To Lisdoonvarna slide link Memorized --- ---
Merrily Kissed The Quaker slide link Memorized --- ---
Set: Geese In The Bog / The Connaughtman's Rambles / Out On The Ocean abc pdf
  Geese In The Bog jig link Play --- ---
The Connaughtman's Rambles jig link Play --- ---
Out On The Ocean jig link Play --- ---
Set: Kid On The Mountain / Morrison's Jig / The Leitrim Fancy abc pdf
  Kid On The Mountain slip jig link Play --- ---
Morrison's Jig jig link Play --- ---
The Leitrim Fancy jig link Play --- ---
Set: The Blackthorn Stick / The Lilting Banshee / The Blarney Pilgrim abc pdf
  The Blackthorn Stick jig link Play --- ---
The Lilting Banshee jig link Play --- ---
The Blarney Pilgrim jig link Play --- ---
Set: The Silver Spear / The Rossmore Jetty / The Star Of Munster abc pdf
  The Silver Spear reel link Memorized --- ---
The Rossmore Jetty reel link Memorized --- ---
The Star Of Munster reel link Memorized --- ---
Set: Welcome Home Grainne / Haste To The Wedding / The Swallowtail abc pdf
  Welcome Home Grainne jig link Play --- ---
Haste To The Wedding jig link Play --- ---
The Swallowtail jig link Play --- ---
The Butterfly slip jig link Memorized abc pdf
The Old Bush reel link Play abc pdf
The Dingle Regatta slide link Play abc pdf
Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife Slow Air link Play abc pdf

French Canadien

Zipped PDFs
Reel de Mme Renault reel link Memorized abc pdf
Maple Sugar Reel reel link Play abc pdf
Gigue du Forgeron jig link Memorized abc pdf
Reel des Cigarettes reel link Play abc pdf
Reel de Mattawa reel link Learning abc pdf


Oysters On The Griddle 2 jig --- Play abc pdf